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 Success Stories


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Hi  Cyndi

Just an update from the note below from 2.5 years ago. Sharon and I are getting married this July! We got engaged on the 5th anniversary of our 1st date Jan. 14th 2004

Thanks to you and your dances  I am getting married again!  Something I swore would never happen

These dances really work  and I thank you for doing this and being a friend !!

Earl  & Sharon  (Dj Earl)  soon to be man & wife !

They should call you CUPID !

Hey there,
Just a quick note to say That I have met my life's partner  Indirectly through  The web site.  My girl friend was a member and had met a friend of mine through   the web site.  They dated a couple of times but where not meant to be together..  My good luck was that I met her while she was Out for a date with my friend.  It was instant romance. you know the kind of stuff you read about in fictional love stories..  Any ways  with the approval of my friend I started dating my girlfriend  and after 2.5 years  we are still together and now cohabiting.. Romeo and Juliet's really works  when  you least expect it to. I found my girl friend when and where I wasn't expecting to.  Life is good. Just keep an open mind and remember that. one person that might
ask you to dance could be your next life partner..
DJ Earl  It really works !!!!!!!

My success story happened at the Valentine's Day Dance 2007'. I met a great guy, his name is Erich and mine is Tracy ,we met that night and have been together ever since ,we will be together 2 yrs. on Feb.10/09' . I think the dances are a great way of meeting someone, if if wasn't for them I would of never met Erich. I just moved to Cobourg a couple weeks ago so I won't be able to attend the dances much, bu t we will be back sometime. Erich is still in Belleville(job) but  I'm hoping he moves up my way next yr. or sooner. Keep up the good work! The dances have always been a hit for us.-Tracy.


Tom and Janet met at a Romeo and Juliet dance on the 4th of November, 2006.

They are engaged to be married this coming summer.  Help us in wishing them all the best in the upcoming years!



Leonard and Arlene met at our Zodiac Night Dance on July 15th, 2006 and are to be married.  We wish you all the best!


Hi Cyndi;

My name is Sue. I met my boyfriend Dave at a dance back in June of  2004. I was by myself and sat at a table. A few minutes later, this guy came and sat down across from me. He smiled at me, and I smiled back, and thought he was very attractive. We chatted a bit, and he asked me to dance, I said no, and he went and danced anyways. He came back  and we chatted some more. He asked me to dance again and I did this time. Then he sat beside me the rest of the night. While we were chatting we found out that we both were on this other site but never met up. I did recall seeing his pic and reading his profile. After the dance we went to Tim Horton's for coffee, and chatted till 3 am. We have been together ever since, and my daughters and I moved in 6 months after dating, we are now engaged. Thanks for the dances, and the chance to meet my Mr. Right.
Susan P.

Hi Cyndi: You asked for an email of ROMANCE and here it is.

In the summer of 2003 I had just joined R & J network and one evening as I was searching I came across a new member.  She had just joined your network for one day and so I thought that I would welcome her to R and J network for singles and suggested to her that she should be careful when meeting someone from any network to   meet singles guys and get to know them well first.  Well, she had NOT posted a picture of herself and I had a picture and so she knew exactly what I looked like so we chatted back and forth sending emails to each other during the day and mostly at night after I came home from work.  I looked forward to opening my computer to see if she and others had looked at my profile.  I loved to see if she had sent me an email because we talked about so many things concerning each others lives that we actually got to know each other so much more and found out that we had so much in common before ever meeting one another.  After about four to six weeks we both decided to meet at the next dance at the Belleville Legion on Saturday night and as I sat waiting at a table by myself and constantly looking towards the main door, I was hoping that maybe I might have a feeling that this might be her, or that one might be her coming through the door.  Soon the music started and not knowing what she looked like, I thought perhaps she just wasn’t coming to the dance that night and I was beginning to give up hope of ever meeting her.  All of a sudden a beautifully attractive young woman dressed in a gorgeous black dress came strolling across the dance floor and the closer she came the more she was heading in my direction.  My heart started pounding and then she put her hand on my shoulder and introduced herself and asked if we could dance to the song that was playing.  I looked up and with a huge smile I said “Yes I would love to dance with you”.  Cyndi, from that moment on we have traveled many MOMENTS together and have tried to attend every Romeo and Juliet dance.  Thank you Cyndi thank you for making each of our hearts very happy.  We love to dance and we have met so many wonderful new friends who also enjoy dancing the night away. 


Dear Cyndi; I am responding to your request for love stories. 

In early July 2003 after attending a dance with a girlfriend, I decided to become an online member of R&J.  My first message on the site came from a wonderful gentleman who loved to dance as much as I did.  After 4 weeks of daily emails we finally decided to meet at the next R&J dance.  I knew what he looked like from his profile on the site but I had never sent him a photo of myself.  From our first hello we clicked and then spent the entire evening dancing together. It will be 3 years this coming July and we are still dancing every dance in each others arms. Thank you for providing a safe and friendly place for singles like us to meet, dance and have fun.

Luvtodance - Penny McIntyre and Patches1 - Neil Rutley


My name is Maureen & I was going to the Romeo & Juliet dances for a couple of months and was online chatting to a few men of interest but none as good as the one I met at the Romeo & Juliet dance on Nov. 22, 2003. His name is Kevin and the first time we were supposed to meet I chickened out and he missed a horse shoe tournament to go to the dance.  He was not at all pleased, but I finally got up the courage to go and did meet him. We met at the door and after a few dances he kissed me and took my heart. We are now engaged to be married and are living together in Milford.  We are very happy together and still go to the dances occasionally. Very Happily Engaged

Maureen & Kevin

Hi Cyndi:

You might not remember me or John, but we met through Romeo and Juliet's in November, 1999.  I started going to the dances with a girlfriend and I was really impressed as to how the dances were organized.  I met some nice people and everyone was so friendly.  The music was so great to dance to and the crowd was always FUN.  There were never any problems with men harassing you, it was great.  I met John Brauner through the actual service; looking for companionship and nothing more.  Had been a single mom for a long time and wasn't interested in making any commitments.  Then, of course, along came John.  We hit it off right away, he was romantic, sensitive, kind, a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR and we had so much in common.  He still makes me laugh every single day with his wit.  We really did 'click' almost immediately.   We moved in together in June of 2000 and 2 years ago April, we got married.  Who would have thought that I would find my 'soul mate' at the age of 54.  He has made my world a very special place, my friends love him, my mom thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread etc.  He has brought so much into my life, I feel very blessed.  I was at Curves this week and saw a woman that looked familiar and realized that I knew her from your dances.  She mentioned that her and her partner were coming on Saturday night and they have been together from around the same time as John and myself.  I talked to John and he thinks it would be a great idea to attend Saturday evening.  I am really looking forward to the dance.  I am so grateful for your dating service, without you talking me into giving you my profile, I never would have met John.  I would not hesitate to recommend Romeo and Juliet's to anyone.  Keep up the great work.

Judy Brauner (Sarson) and John Brauner

Dear Cyndi,

I just wanted to say Thank you very much for running your single dances. If it wasn't for your dances I would not have met my husband. We met at your dance in January 2003 but didn't really meet again until later on that year at a local nightclub. Anyways to make a long story short we got engaged at your New Years Dance that year  had a beautiful wedding in 2005 and just had a baby in December, we are very happy and it is all because of Romeo and Juliet. We will be at the reunion dance on May 6th and looking forward to it. Thanks again.

Richard and Judy Rzezniczak  

P.S.  Earl was our dj at our wedding and did a wonderful job.

Hi Cyndi,

I heard you were looking for successful romance stories surrounding The Romeo and Juliet singles dances.  Here is Tammy and Johns story:  On Friday, August 25, 2001 my friend, Melanie, asked me to tag along with her and her boyfriend, at that time, to go to the Romeo and Juliet singles dance, which was then held at the Odd Fellows Lodge. It did take her a while to pursuade me to go because I had recently sworn off dating due to a bad experience. By 8:30 pm, we had our seats chosen which, I might add, for Melanie were in perfect view of the door (in order to check out this evenings new comers). However, John had already arrived before us and he went undetected until much later in the evening. As the evening progressed, Melanie was doing her thing as she danced with both her boyfriend and other singles as I sat back and drank to my sorrows. As Melanie roamed the hall, she noticed a man sitting with his friends and decided to approach him to ask him to dance. When their dance was through, she came back to our table and began to insist that I ask John to dance. Finally, just before the end of the evening as Earl (the DJ) began to play my favorite song (Angle by Shaggy), I got up the nerve to ask him to dance. During our dance we introduced ourselves and talked a lot. So much in fact that we danced the night away. Shortly after 1:00 am, John offered to give me a ride home. I accepted. Even though we had arrived at my place, we talked in his truck for a while longer after which he gave me his phone number, but I did not give mine because I was still scared to give it out.. The next working day, I talked to some friends at work about my weekend and what I should do. They all convinced me that I should call him, so I did. From the phone call led our first date, dinner for two at the Ponderosa. However, it may not have been just for two. I convinced a friend to have dinner there that evening as well, just in case things did not go so well, that way I would have a way out. But not to worry, the date was great!!!Six months later, John asked me to marry him and, of coarse, I said YES!!!

Nine months later, we took the plunge and bought a house together. Eight months later, we said I DO at the alter. Now, two years and nine months later, all is well and we live Happily Ever After!!! My advice to all those single women who are still looking, do not give up!! There is a prince charming out there for everyone just be patient, he will come along. In support of all our single friends, we still attend the singles dances at the Legion, when we can.

 Forever Grateful

Tammy and John Dainard

Hi Cyndi, I met Frank at the dance in January 29, 2004. I had been going to the dance since October 2003, meeting up with one of the girls from Trenton. Then we decided to find a dancing partner and I looked around the room, near the entrance sitting by himself was a guy who was dressed up in suit. So I approached him to asked for a dance. The first dance was to a slow music and I have never liked slow music because I found it too sappy plus it had been 16 months since I dance with a guy after splitting up with a boyfriend in BC. Like I said, first dance was a slow music and I ended up crying. We just had our first anniversary on February. Time really goes fast. He is getting posted to Winnipeg in June so house hunting has started already, plus he injured his ankle while away so no dancing for now.

Hey there,
Just a quick note to say That I have met my life's partner  Indirectly through  The web site.  My girl friend was a member and had met a friend of mine through   the web site.  They dated a couple of times but where not meant to be together..  My good luck was that I met her while she was Out for a date with my friend.  It was instant romance. you know the kind of stuff you read about in fictional love stories..  Any ways  with the approval of my friend i started dating my girlfriend  and after 2.5 years  we are still together and now cohabiting.. Romeo and Juliet's really works  when  you least expect it to. I found my girl friend when and where i wasn't expecting to.  Life is good. Just keep an open mind and remember that. one person that might
ask you to dance could be your next life partner..
DJ Earl  It really works !!!!!!!

Thank-you for the opportunity to be part of your success story

My husband and I met in mid-August 2004 at one of your single's dances. We had such a great time dancing and chatting after a couple of nights, I got his home address and phone number and the next weekend I traveled up the 401 to meet him - he didn't have any of my particular information but just knew this mystery lady was worth the chance I guess. What started out to be a drive in the country to see the famous Roseneath Carousel ended up with a quaint dinner for two - and we never looked back. The gas stations and phone
lines really enjoyed our business for the better part of a year, finally in July of 2005 we took the big step into the realm of a full-time couple and by November of 2005 we were married. Married life is great, I'm so thank-you that Romeo and Juliet single dances were there to help us get acquainted.
P.S. even my cat loves him.
Cheryl Ann

Burt & I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Romeo & Juliet's Club on your Anniversary.

Romeo & Juliet's is a classy, well organized singles club and provides a wonderful venue for singles to meet. We met at a singles dance in August of 2000.  We went out on a date a few days after the dance and we have been together ever since. We wish that we had met a long time ago, but we're making up for lost time. We spend as much time together as possible and we couldn't be happier. We have several common interests and always seem to know what the other one is thinking. One of us will start a sentence and the other one will finish it. Thank you so much Romeo & Juliet's.  If it hadn't been for your club, Burt & I never would have met.

We wish you continued success.

Burt Fisher & Joyce Stewart


Our Love Story, By Don & Sue.

Met New Year's Eve 2007, First Kiss....March 10th. The the best.



"A Story About Little Red Riding Hood"


Once upon a time...

Little Red Riding hood came to the dance looking for the Big Bad Wolf, but all she could find was little Bo Peep's Sheep. Little did she know, the Big Bad Wolf  dancing with her was disguised as the "Grim Reaper", Now...from one tale to another....


Cory and Lisa met at the Halloween Dance. Lisa was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, and Cory as Grim Reaper. (She wasn't interested in a dead beat -proving you should never judge a book by it's cover. Cory was no dead beat)


Two dances later, Cory was secretly looking at Lisa and Lisa was looking at Cory (She did not know it was the same person) Lisa beat Cory to the punch and asked him to dance first.


Lisa & Cory.

The rest is History. Lisa and Cory are still going strong after 1yr and 7months.


Hi Cyndi

Thanks so much for providing the safe, and friendly environment for us to met new friends.

I would like to share our story with you. I have been a member since 2006, and have enjoyed the dances a lot. I went away for awhile this summer and did not return until January of 2008.

Imagine my surprise when I walked in and met a old friend from High School. We chatted for a bit and he t old me that we had other friends from High School at the dance.

I went to say hello, and to my continued shock there she was. I had not seen Debbie for 25 years and she was just as pretty and fun as she had been on the school bus. We danced and talked and caught up on the gossip. We went to a friend’s after the dance and talked long into the night. We met at the next dance and spent more time together. A phone call led to a coffee, and then a dinner.

Cindy, that was 3 wonderful months ago, and Debbie and I are planning to share a home in the very near future. We have so much fun and share so many things.

Thank you so much, Cindy. If not for the dance I may have never met her.

Rob and Debbie






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