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Dating Advice
 Dating Advice


     MAKE Dating Happen
Do you look at dating as going about you daily life and if it happens, it happens?

1. Make it happen versus Let it happen!
 There are 2 ways to get a tan this time of year. It's a lot like dating when you think about the effort we put in. Method one is you go about your daily life, do a little gardening, fix some things outside around your home and somewhere over the course of the summer you may receive the tan you wanted. On the other hand we may get busy outside, burn a few times and it may even rain on our days off. Again, If it happens, it happens.

Then we have those who make it happen. You go to the tanning parlor first thing in the spring, You set your goal, put in the effort and you make it happen. Quickly you get what the results you want in a short amount of time!

Honestly, letting it happen can eventually work but in most cases we will never see the results we want. To get the desired dating results you want this summer try these 3 easy steps!

Step one is to put in the effort to "make it happen!" Set time aside to get out of your house or apartment. Unless you have an attractive single neighbor. You are not going to meet anyone at home.
If the Internet is keeping you home. No worries the online world will still be there when you get home ;)

If you are still reading this congratulations. You are ready for step two. We have done a lot of surveys this past year and we have determined being approachable is a very important step in meeting someone. It's easy to throw up walls built on negative past experiences. You may not even recognize these walls.

Ask yourself: When you are in a singles
environment have you ever caught yourself thinking;
"I am not going to find anyone here"
"Why is no one approaching me?"
"Why is no one asking me to dance?"
This kind of thinking can put up walls and affect you self confidence. You may start slouching your shoulders or be afraid to walk around to mix and mingle. You may start smiling less. You are now unapproachable!

Step two is be positive. Do not have self doubt. Push negative thoughts out of your mind and allow yourself to radiate self confidence with positive thinking!
Are you ready to make it happen and conquer your fears with positive attitude? In your next social setting you are now ready to make it happen.

Step 3 initiating contact! If you never tried initiating conversation before now is the time to do it! Start small. Your goal is to only make contact. Ask the the time, give someone a compliment or try making small talk with someone you find attractive.

Tips: Make eye contact, stand tall and proud and #1 SMILE! You may not receive the same results from everyone you talk to but if you make enough contact you will start seeing positive results!

This is the best time of year to start fresh. The weather is warm, people are happy and the sun is shinning! This is good news for singles! People are just more approachable right now!


We would like a couple of volunteers who have always let it happen versus make it happen try  these 3 steps and share their stories afterwards. You can try it at your next social setting or at the dance.





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