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Speed Dating

Speed Dating Ages late 30's & 40's

NOTE: If you are a bit younger or older your application will still be considered.

 You will not be charged unless you can attend the specified date.



Package Includes: Introductions, Tea or Coffee, Snacks & a Certificate to an upcoming event: $33 at the door / ONLY $30 in advance


Register by calling (613)-392-9850

My name is Cyndi.

I would be happy to take you call and give you details.

I am also at the front door of every dance! (613) 392-9850

Fill out a super quick profile with me over the phone. I will set a date, if you can not make it.

You do have to pay! It is an amazing night out!! You will be so surprised if you try it!


"Speed Dating" is Live, in person, super brief meetings made fun.

The men sit down with each lady for 5 mins, when the bell rings they go to the next lady. We have fun conversation cards on every table!

Everyone has a Bachelor / Bachelorette # You will have a card to privately select the men or women you are interested in. If you both list each other, it is a match!

After the event is over I will confidentially contact both parties. Ladies can keep their phone number private and take the gentlemen's phone number if it is a mutual match.

 Call us and fill out a quick profile (613) 392-9850 OR

You can pick up an application next dance




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